Wireless Soundfield system

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Wireless soundfield system with one transmitter and two speakers.


Improve communication in the classroom or lecture theatre with Conversor wireless Soundfield system for schools colleges and universities. Over the past 20 years many studies have testified to the benefits of Soundfield systems. Children in these classrooms have reported improved speech perception; they have attained higher scores in spelling tests, have maintained high attention levels and achieve higher academic results than children in non-Soundfield classrooms. Teaching staff have also reported benefits with teachers For the young, where the learning process has started the benefit of Soundfield systems as an aid to learning is unquestioned. Adults can listen more effectively in noisy surroundings, because they have fully developed neural pathways and also the experience to fill in any gaps in the vocal signals they hear and therefore can more easily understand what is being said. For children the teacher's voice must be crystal clear and pitched at the same volume throughout the classroom area to ensure equal access for everyone. Conversor Pro Soundfield system raises the teacher’s voice to just above the ambient noise level. As the teacher talks into the hands free wireless microphone their voice is transmitted via loudspeakers located around the room to give uniform audio performance. Use of a Soundfield system also helps the teacher who is able to speak at a much lower and constant level, therefore, reducing the risk of voice related problems such as laryngitis.

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