Directional mic, headset/mic adapter & battery charger

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Improve the quality of audio notes recorded on smartphones and tablets with a directional microphone. With portable battery power card. Price shown includes VAT.

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Directional microphone and headset/ mic adapter
Portable charger battery power bank 2500mAh

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Directional microphone and power card for use with smartphones and tablets. Improve the quality of audio notes made on smartphones and tablets with a directional microphone which picks up voices clearly. Conversor MM1 microphone is a powerful, lightweight directional microphone for all digital voice recorders and laptop computers. It is ideal for recording lectures or group discussions.


- Conversor MM1 directional microphone

- adapter cable to connect earphones and the microphone to a smartphone or tablet

- 4pin to 4pin connector for some Android devices which have a different connection pin-out

- 2500mAh battery powered portable charger for smartphones and tablets

The microphone can also be used with standard loop amplifiers to enhance the sound level and quality received by wearers of Telecoil equipped hearing instruments within the loop's range.

The Conversor microphone is ideal for supporting the special needs of individuals with learning difficulties or hearing loss. It can be used in a variety of settings including classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms and conference venues.

A Conversor MM1 microphone can be used as an in car microphone, lapel microphone, or attached to a laptop screen using the accessory clips provided. The Conversor microphone is powered directly by the voice recorder, smartphone or loop amplifier and requires no batteries or recharging.

A Conversor directional microphone can be used with Notetalker.


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