Notetalker app for professionals

Notetalker will record and document meetings, presentations, 121s, supervision and training sessions, and can help employees who need additional support in the workplace.


Capturing information from meetings, discussions and presentations is not always an easy task. Notetalker provides a simple, yet versatile solution that can support productivity in the workplace.

Notetalker Pro provides employees with the tools to record and document meetings, training sessions, supervision and 121s, by combining Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit desktop software. Notetalker app discretely records audio, captures images and saves key moments as bookmarks, while Notetalker Edit allows a greater level of information to be added post-meeting, which creates an accountable and structured evidence of work.

Notetalker can also be used by training providers to create resources that can be disseminated to staff who could not participate in training. 



How Notetalker helps

  • Devices

    Use standard devices to capture with ease

  • Discussion

    Capture discussions and key points to never miss a moment

  • Training Sessions

    Gain a new level of detail whilst attending or delivering training

  • Meetings

    Use in meetings and appraisals to obtain an accountable record of actions.

  • Text search

    Quickly find key information in large files with text search

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