Notetalker Pro Wireless microphone Suite

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Notetalker App and Edit software with wireless microphone for smartphone and tablet


Notetalker App and Edit software for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets combined with a 2.4GHz wireless microphone kit which enables you to record lectures conferences and classes using your mobile device. Then upload to Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud and make your notes. The wireless transmitter has a lapel microphone which can be worn by the speaker to reduce the interference from poor room acoustics, noise between you and the speaker and the effect of distance. The sound is transmitted to a wireless receiver which comes complete with a splitter cable to connect to the recording device and enable you to connect a headset or earphone to listen to playback without removing the microphone. Improve the quality of sound you record and make better notes using Notetalker wireless microphone kit You will receive a request for the App- iPhone, iPad or Android, and the PC software you require once you have placed your order.

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