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Notetalker Pro is a complete recording and note writing solution for lectures, meetings, conferences and classes. It includes the app for your smartphone or tablet; Notetalker Edit for Windows or Macs; a microphone and universal cable kit to plug a directional microphone into your device; and, a portable battery charger. Our e-Learning course is also available every purchase of Notetalker Pro - see below for more details.
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Any App
Windows and Mac PC Program
Conversor MM1 directional microphone
Microphone & headset adapter cable
Portable charger battery power bank 2500mAh

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Course subscription included:

Our short e-Learning course is available for free with every purchase of Notetalker Pro. NT Academy: How To Use Notetalker is s short online course with lots of video material to teach users how to use their Notetalker effectively. It is primarily designed for students to implement in a college/ university setting, but can also be applied to a workplace environment. 


-Using Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit, desktop software, as a study support tool

-Using the Cornell and mind maps technique in Notetalker

A subscription for our full course NT Academy: Success with Study Skills Is £5 upon purchase of Notetalker Pro. 

Equipment included:

  • - Notetalker app for Apple iOS or Android devices.
  • - Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac PCs.
  • - Portable charger battery power bank - provides up to 6 hours of additional charge for your smartphone or iPhone whilst on the go.
  • - 4pin to 4pin 3.5mm OMTP to AHJ connector to connect to older Android phones microphone headset adaptor cable. The AHJ to OMTP connector can also be used on its own to connect Apple headsets to Android smartphones and vice versa. Note: you cannot use the earphones supplied with the smartphone device with the Conversor adapter cable, as these headphones already have a 4-pin plug. Stereo headphones or earphones can be used instead.
  • - Microphone headset adaptor cable for powered microphones with a 4-pin plug for connection to an external microphone and listening to playback of your recording using headphones/ earphones. Microphone headset adaptor cable for powered microphones can be used on its own with Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch and certain Android smartphones including Samsung S4 and later, recent HTC, Sony Experia and Nokia smartphones and tablets. For other Android devices and earlier models, use the AHJ to OMTP connector plug supplied (4-pin 3.5mm plug to twin stereo 3.5mm socket with 3.5mm 4-pin to 4-pin AHJ to OMTP connector) to connect a microphone and headphones to your smartphone or tablet through the single 3.5mm audio socket on the device. Some of the newer smartphone devices, laptops and iOS devices from Apple® and Dell® feature only a single (4-pin) 3.5mm audio socket to support both audio input and output. The adaptor splits the audio input and output into two - one that can be used for a microphone connection, and the other for connecting external headphones, earphones or speakers.

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