Notetalker Pro Wireless


Notetalker Pro Wireless is the ultimate recording and note-taking solution for lectures, meetings, conferences and classes. It includes the Notetalker app for your smartphone or tablet, Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac PCs and a wireless microphone, receiver and cable kit which enables you to connect to any smartphone or tablet.
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Notetalker wireless microphone/ transmitter
Portable charger battery power bank 2500mAh
Mic & headset iOS device adapter for battery powered mics

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Equipment included:

  • - Notetalker app for Apple iOS or Android devices
  • - Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac PCs
  • - Wireless microphone reduces effect of room acoustics and noise between speaker and recording device (transmitter/microphone up to 15 metres from receiver; 2.4GHz wireless connection; up to 6 hours battery life)
  • - 4pin to 4pin 3.5mm OMTP to AHJ connector to connect to older Android phones microphone headset adaptor cable. The AHJ to OMTP connector can also be used on its own to connect Apple headsets to Android smartphones and vice versa. Note: you cannot use the earphones supplied with the smartphone device with the Conversor adapter cable, as these headphones already have a 4-pin plug. Stereo headphones or earphones can be used instead.
  • - Portable charger battery power bank (provides up to 6 hours of additional charge

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