A new version of Notetalker is out today - Valentine’s Day! The improvements to the productivity tool enhances the link between visual and text notes, and the recorded spoken word. 

The latest version of Notetalker is now far simpler to use and more flexible than ever before. It enables students to adopt different approaches in using the solution in a way that suits them, without distracting them from the purpose of listening to and learning from lectures.

The latest app and desktop software facilitates greater engagement and active listening during a lecture; helps overcome cognitive overload; and, supports students with different learning styles more effectively.

Notetalker app

The app helps students who struggle to listen during a lecture at the same as capturing key information, by providing them with the tools to break down a lecture into a few key areas which can be colour-coded. For some learners the requirement to engage in high-level processing through detailed note writing does not come easily. The colour-coded, easy bookmarking function in the app gives more time for the student to focus on the lecturer. Best of all, a learner can create personalised notes with images, photos, scribble pad or brief text with very little effort.

Students who prefer to adopt a visual or kinaesthetic learning style can now set the app to auto-bookmark. This function defaults to photos or scribble pad so the user can save additional information with visual representations more easily.

The app can also be used to in a similar way to the popular note making strategy, the Cornell technique. Text headings and short bullet point notes can be added, alongside any visual cues, which can be used to help overcome cognitive overload.

Notetalker Edit

Notetalker Edit users will experience a simpler layout without losing any of the functionality. Most of the tools are now hidden away and grouped in a way that is more akin to software such as Microsoft Office. 

In addition, students exporting their personalised rich media notes to popular mind mapping software will be able to do so with more control and ease. Mind mapping is an ideal tool to help students organise their thoughts for revision or essay planning based on the audio, text and visual notes they have made in Notetalker.

Notetalker users can upgrade for free on February 14th by following the instructions from their app or desktop software when prompted.

Professionals can request a free licence. If you are interested to watch our latest recorded webinar to hear how the latest version facilitates greater engagement and active listening during a lecture; helps overcome cognitive overload; and, supports visual and kinaesthetic learning styles more effectively, then contact us.