“Using Notetalker has definitely made me feel more confident about my approach to notetaking.” Ashley Beaty, Student at London College of Fashion.

Ashley Beaty discusses her experience of the DSA process and how Notetalker is as key part of her study strategy.

I have dyspraxia which means I struggle to keep up with note taking in class and tend to miss a lot of information if I get stuck. I also struggle to put things in a logical order so this makes essay planning difficult and time consuming. In order to organise my work, at the beginning of a project, I make a detailed time plan so that I can keep on top of everything. If I fail to do this, I will lose track of time and struggle to cope with the workload.

I went through the DSA process in March 2015 and was provided with a laptop (and laptop accessories such as a keyboard, mouse and stand), Dragon Dictate software and Notetalker Pro. At first, I thought that Notetalker Edit may be confusing, however after recording on the app it became a lot clearer and it made long lectures much easier to deal with. I find the whole Notetaker Pro Plus suite very easy to use.

Notetalker has helped me to understand lectures and classes better as I can listen to them again and look at photos alongside them, which helps me get a clear idea of the information. I was quite skeptical when I began to use the Notetalker app as I was unsure how clear the recordings would be, but I soon found they were very clear.

Using Notetalker has definitely made me feel more confident about my approach to notetaking, I can still makes notes but it is very reassuring to know that Notetalker is recording when I get confused. The ability to add photos and bookmarks are great features as I can find a specific moment easily if I don't want to listen to the entire recording.

I would definitely recommend that other students with similar study challenges consider Notetalker. It has made things much easier for me in class and think it would help people with many different disabilities.

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