Wakelet is a content curation platform that helps student and lecturers to collect, organise and share their research in a way that makes most sense to them. By curating and showcasing their research, students can understand and digest information more effectively.

Notetalker and Wakelet provides a complete solution for students and lecturers, by enabling effective rich media information sharing and provide a more dynamic individualised pedagogy in line with the TEF.

How does Notetalker work with Wakelet?

With Notetalker, universities can use Wakelet to collect and organise research and reading lists all in one place. Institutions can collect articles, videos, studies and much more into a Wakelet collection. When it’s ready a unique code relating to that collection can be copied into the Notetalker section of the site.

The code can be shared with students, in lectures, workshops and tutorials. Students simply click the Wakelet icon in Notetalker Edit and submit the code. They’ll be taken straight to the collection and can start studying handpicked content, as well as saving the links that they find most useful.

Watch this short film to discover how fashion student, Emma Mash, and her university, use Wakelet.

Watch this quick film to find out how Notetalker and Wakelet offers a great solution for universities.

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