Formally accredited CPD training is on offer to all assessment and higher education disability centres as part of our ongoing service to reach all assessors, study skills tutors and student support staff. This course is ideal for teams who aren't familiar with Notetalker or want to brush up on their knowledge. 

Our new course explore the barriers students in higher education currently face, how these obstacles can impact undergraduates and how these individuals can play to their neurodiverse strengths. We also introduce the benefits of our blended learning approach which supports students to make notes at university, regardless of their SpLD or learning style.

By the end of the course you will:

- Learn why Notetalker app's simplicity is such a useful tool for students to record lecture audio and, if relevant, collate essential text and visual prompts in class.

- Recognise the different ways in which students with varying learning styles can use Notetalker Edit to further their learning during independent study sessions.

- Understand how NT Academy study skills course helps prepare students for their classes and self-led study.

Please note our accredited training is 3 hours long, but we tailor training sessions covering all aspects of our blended learning solution to higher education professionals in student support roles to meet busy schedules and different learning objectives. To discuss your training needs get in touch with Liam Kelly - email or call the office 01483473810.

Training session