Remember to consider Notetalker when recommending assistive technology note writing solutions for your students. Here's quick reminder why recommending Notetalker can unlock your students' learning potential.  

1. Notetalker supports students' learning through the function to colour-code bookmarks, or keywords, to highlight main ideas, key details or mark evidence that supports an assignment question. 

A student can save colour-coded bookmarks within the audio recording, which is particualrly useful for learners with weaker organisational or auditory processing skill. Colour-coded bookmarks can highlight key information by themes which are pertinent to the student. A colour coding key can be saved and recalled for each lecture or course module, using the sticky notes, which are now included for free in the Notetalker Pro. 

A student uses bookmarks to note salient points during an audio recording of lectures, seminars or other talks. Bookmarking the linear audio recording (showing time in length) encourages engagement with the audio recording and any student can make strong associations with the content of those sessions.

2. Notetalker increases productivity through the function to export colour-coded notes to a document that can be used in mind mapping software to help students create revision, essay, presentation, report or dissertation resources. 

The software can be used to in a combination of ways to suit different learners' requirements. The end result is always the same - processes are more efficient, freeing up more time for students learning and development. 

in Notetalker Edit, a student can filter her bookmarks, or keywords, by colour to create an import document to use in mind mapping software (like MindView, MindGenius, MindManager). This function reduces production time for the student, who is keen to to explore ideas in a visual way in some mind map software. Making the flow of work more fluid will help to reduce stress and anxiety caused by processing which can have an impact on learning.

3. Last but not least, a supplementary study skills course available alongside the software helps to shape independent lifelong learners by equipping users with the confidence to become self-directed learners.

When a student receives Notetalker Pro through their DSA, they also get access to a free study skills course. The e-Learning course covers a range of study and note writing strategies. which can be completed in bitesize chunks. The course complements the work of study skills tutors and other professionals working to support students' learning. For more information visit

So, the component parts of Notetalker Pro, that is the assistive tech producticity tool and study skills course (and a transcription/ note writing service, which we haven't gone into detail about here), create a comprehensive and creative package to support a student who may find certain areas of their studies more taxing. The services and support offered by us echoes our ethos; we want to boost students' confidence and capabilties, so they can take ownership of their studies and their education beyond university into the workplace.  

To request training please contact our team. To find a date for a webinar and demo Notetalker, visit our webinar schedule.