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Book onto a webinar next week to get up to speed with the newest version of Notetalker and discover a few more reasons why it is the perfect companion for students at university and college. 

Notetalker supports students' learning through the colour-coding tool, which can be applied to chunks of text or just keywords. The colour-coding helps students organise their notes into a format that suits them. For example, groups of medical names or simply arguments for and aruguments against a particular topic. The supplementary sticky notes, given away in every Notetalker Pro, also help students stay organised because they can keep a note of their colour-coding for each lecture.

Students can also export their notes to organise themselves even further in mind mapping software, creating resources for revision and assignment plans. Students can use the 'Export to Word for mind map'function to choose their branch levels, according to their keyword or bookmark colour and then import this specially formatted document into software including MindView, MindGenius and MindManager.

A complementary online study skills course is also available for students who receive Notetalker Pro. It be accessed via the apps function in Notetalker Edit. The study skills course can be accessed in bitesize sessions so students can dip in and out when they have some time. The current course includes units on different note writing techniques, as well as a dedicated module with instructional videos about how to use Notetalker and how to use it effectively in relation to teh Cornell techqnieue and mind mapping. Further units on assignment writing, plagirism, referencing and much more will be released later this year. Through NT Academy: Success with Study Skills we hope to improve students' capabilities and confidence to become life-long, self-directed learners.

In recent feedback, a student from South Gloucestershire College commented: "Notetalker greatly exceeded my expectations... I use it the whole time in lectures - thank you so much."

Webinars are running on:

Tuesday 15th May, 10.30am (approx 1 hour)

Wednesday 16th May, 11:00am (approx 1 hour)

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