With so many students using Olympus digital voice recorders, we set to work to develop a way for students to import their recordings into Notetalker Edit. 

Any student using an Olympus recorder can now import their WMA (Windows Media Audio) files into Notetalker Edit. All of the digital tags will be transferred across, so any Olympus Index Marks will be turned into Notetalker Bookmarks. Great news is that most Olympus recordings can be created in WMA format. 

There are only a few models that record in other formats. Never fear! These recordings can still be imported - they just need converting first. The Olympus Sonority software included with the Olympus digital voice recorders can convert WAV and MP3 into WMA format.

Notetalker Edit transforms the method of writing notes into a more efficient process, allowing more time for creativity and learning. Notes can be tailored to suit any writing and learning style. This flexibility improves a learner’s ability to write great notes, and supports the path to independent learning and better work.

So, there’s no time like the present to start using Olympus digital recordings and Notetalker Edit to transform the practice of note writing and studying.

Contact us if you have any questions about using Olympus audio recorders with Notetalker Edit. 


Models that support WMA file import directly into Notetalker Edit

Models that require file conversion

Olympus VN-5500PC

Olympus DS-40

Olympus DS-65

Olympus DM-450

Olympus DM-550

Olympus DM-3

Olympus DM-5

Olympus DM-670

Olympus DM7

Olympus DM7*

Olympus DM770

Olympus LS-20M


*Olympus DM7 recordings can be saved in WMA, MP3 or WAV format.