The Notetalker team recently attended the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Conference 2017 in York. The event was really well attended showing just how important the agenda of inclusion is in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

The premise of this year’s conference: ‘Formulating excellence in inclusive learning, teaching and assessment practice: have we reached the tipping point in higher education?’ illustrated the nature of the discussion throughout the day, with presenters explaining how far higher education has already come in providing a more inclusive environment; and yet, how there is much more that can be done to ensure that everyone gets the education they deserve.

One of the talks we attended was called ‘From 0 - 55,000: recording lectures inclusively’ presented by Elaine Shillcock, Head of Project (Student Life), from the University of Manchester. The session highlighted the positive impact that can be made when ‘talks’ are recorded and students are able to use these recordings to relisten and review information at their own pace; a practice that is at the very heart of Notetalker’s philosophy.

We look forward to attending again next year to see how much further along the path we all are. 

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