If you have a conditional offer, A Level results day can feel like a make-or-break event. Although there’s nothing more you can do to affect your results, you do have the power to decide what happens next if things don’t go to plan. Here’s how to make things work for you on Results Day.

What you can do to prepare

At 8am on Thursday 16th August, you’ll be able to see whether your chosen university has offered you a place. If all goes well, you’ll be accepted, but it’s possible that you’ll need a Plan B.

• Do your research. It’s hard to think straight under pressure, so before you get your results it’s worth taking the time to research alternative universities and courses, to get an idea of what you might like to do if you don’t get the results you need – or indeed, if you do better than expected. Make a list of potential institutions to contact if you find yourself needing to go through Clearing, or if you wish to explore the UCAS Adjustment service.

• Practise your conversations. Speaking on the phone to universities can be daunting, so be prepared by role playing the conversations you’ll have. Make a note of why you have chosen this particular course and institution, and how your background and qualifications make you a good fit.

• Get organised. Keep your Track login details close at hand, so that you can get straight into the system as soon as it opens. Make sure you have understood how your chosen institution will receive your results – it’ll probably happen automatically, but you may need to send them yourself.

On the day

You can log in to Track from 8am. If all goes well you’ll see that you’ve been accepted on to your first choice of course, or your insurance choice. If not:

• Changed course offer. You might be offered an alternative course at the same university, or by one of your other choices. This is known as a ‘changed course offer’. Check the details carefully – there may be an alternative start date or point of entry, or the course itself may be different. You can choose whether or not to accept the offer, but you’ll need to do it within 5 days.

• Clearing. If you haven’t been offered a place at any university, all is not lost. You can use Clearing to see which courses might still be open to you. Contact the universities offering Clearing places as soon as possible to discuss your options.

• Adjustment. If your results are better than expected, you can use the Adjustment system to see if there are any places available on courses with higher entry requirements.

Check the UCAS website for more information on A Level Results Day and how it all works.

Getting support

If you think you may need extra support because of a physical or learning disability, you can approach the disability support team at your chosen university to discuss your needs and discover the process for getting additional support.

UCAS has information on support for disabled students at university or college.