Notetalker App for K12 Students

K12 students and educators are faced with a multitude of learning challenges. With changes in the curriculum, new pedagogies and technology can be utilised to help aid these challenges with Notetalker.

Notetalker for K12 students and educators -

K12 students are under increasing pressure to perform. With a growing and wide range of academic and interpersonal skills that need to be developed, students can sometimes feel overwhelmed. In a age when Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is at the forefront, educators need the tools to provide students with a greater variety of ways to learn.

Notetalker provides students and educators with a learning suite that incorporates an app, software and microphone accessories kit. The Notetalker app allows students and educators to capture audio and images, such as recording a class or an experiment, which can then be easily transferred to Notetalker Edit software. Learners and teachers can then add extra detail such as notes and further reading and learning activities, meaning that revision materials and easily created with the familiarity of the learner and teachers input. With the addition of the ability to transfer recordings via an FTP server, files can be sent and stored directly on a school's LMS, meaning that the hassle of organising work and revision is reduced.

The Notetalker suite enables students and educators to easily capture and evidence work. This is particularly prevalent for reluctant writers, who may prefer to express and evidence learning by the spoken word. As a student comes to the end of high school, transition to college is key and learning notetaking skills is essential. With the added presence of the common core curriculum, there has never been a greater need for supporting students in the K12 classroom.

How Notetalker helps

  • Devices

    Enables students and educators to get the best out of school and personal devices.

  • Practical

    Capture and evidence practical activities inside and outside the classroom

  • Training Session

    Capture student and educator explanations that can be used for future study.

  • Written Notes

    Support reluctant writers with an alternative form of expression

  • Equatations

    Scaffold math study with audio and written examples of problems and solutions.

K12 Checklist

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