NT Academy short course: How To Use Notetalker

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NT Academy: Notetalker Study Skills 2 modules for 3 years


NT Academy: How To Use Notetalker is s short online course with lots of video material to teach you about how to use your Notetalker to get the most from your studies.


  • -Using Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit, desktop software, as a study support tool
  • -Using the Cornell and mind maps technique in Notetalker

You can buy a subscription for NT Academy: Success with Study Skills, which is a follow on to this course. See below for course contents:

  • -Barriers to listening; listening for information and instructions; and, top tips when listening
  • -Learning styles: types of learner and other learning styles
  • -Preparing for lectures - before, during and after; and, tips to help you concentrate
  • -Flow-based and mind mapping techniques
  • -Using audio recordings
  • -Cornell technique explained
  • -Chart technique explained
  • -Strategies to use for writing on handouts
  • -Creating outline notes and student case study
  • -Summarising your notes explained
  • -Reviewing and recalling information using index cards

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