Notetalker App for Disability Services

Notetaking accommodations are crucial to the success of students with a Learning Disability (LD). Being able to support students in an independent way that is cost effective can provide a challenge to Disability Services professionals. The Notetalker suite provides a simple and intuitive option to meet these needs.

Notetalker for supporting notetaking accommodations

Supporting students in their transition from high school can be difficult, especially when students need support for their LDs. Notetaking is a crucial academic skill that studies have shown is lined heavily to academic attainment. Being able to support this cost effectively, promoting the independence of students and with low administrative burden all need to be managed by disability services professionals.

Notetalker provides College students with a full notetaking suite that incorporates an app, software and microphone accessories kit. The Notetalker app enables students to capture audio, images and create bookmarks during a lecture, class or tutorial, meaning that attention can be focused on the lecture without missing a thing. Recordings can then be easily transferred to Notetalker Edit software, with the ability to add extra detail such as text notes, diagrams and PowerPoint slides to create exceptional audio, image and text based notes.

The Notetalker Pro package has been specifically created with busy students in mind and has been developed with the aid of input from college students, reflecting on their needs for notetaking. Notetalker can provide a simple and low cost, but versatile notetaking tool to help students get the best from their studies.

How Notetalker helps

  • Devices

    Using their smart phone, tablet or computer, students are able to record and review audio, image and text based notes with ease.

  • Microphone

    Accompanied with the MM1 microphone, students are able to maintain an excellent quality of recording

  • Tick

    Simple and focused design for supporting note-making.

  • Piggy Bank

    A cost effective and intuitive suite of resources to record, review and revise.

  • Pencil

    Promotes independent note-making

Disability Services Checklist

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