Conversor TV Pro Multipack

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Conversor TV Pro system for groups of up to 11 people. Configure your product here. Prices from:-

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If you are with a group of individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss Conversor Pro Multipack can be an ideal solution for use in meetings, lectures, conferences and school classrooms to improve the quality of sound you hear. It can also be used in care homes for groups with different levels of hearing ability. Conversor Pro provides front-row sound level and clarity up to 40 metres (120 feet) from a speaker or sound source. This versatile kit includes one Conversor TV Pro transmitter which can be plugged in to a TV or sound system and up to 11 Conversor Pro pendant receivers in a sturdy charging and carrying case. Conversor Pro helps you to hear better in difficult or noisy environments such as a meeting place or conference or lecture hall. Hearing aids aren't always at their best in busy environments with a lot of background noise. Conversor Pro helps you to focus on the speaker’s voice and reduce the effects of room acoustics and background noise. With Conversor Pro, your desired sounds are clearer and more intelligible so you can feel free to take a more active part in everyday situations. Conversor Pro can also be used with headphones or earphones. Conversor Pro is a versatile wireless FM assistive listening device that provides enhanced sound level and clarity for hard of hearing users. Consisting of a powerful Conversor TV Pro transmitter microphone which plugs into a sound source or TV and a lightweight pendant receiver that is worn around the neck, Conversor Pro is easy to use.

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