Notetalker App for College Students

College is a big step for students, with many new skills that have to be developed, but at the same time having fun! Notetaking is a key skill that is linked to academic attainment and Notetalker provides an essential tool to record, review and revise.

Notetalker for College Students -

Taking the next step to College can be daunting - especially when it comes to classes and notetaking. Knowing which information and how to capture it can be tricky, especially when dealing with complex information. Many studies have shown a clear link between notetaking and academic attainment at College, meaning Notetaking can be a worthwhile skill to develop.

Notetalker provides College students with a full notetaking suite that incorporates an app, software and microphone accessories kit. The Notetalker app enables students to capture audio, images and create bookmarks during a lecture, class or tutorial, meaning that attention can be focused on the lecture without missing a thing. Recordings can then be easily transferred to Notetalker Edit software, with the ability to add extra detail such as text notes, diagrams and PowerPoint slides to create exceptional audio, image and text based notes.

The Notetalker Pro package has been specifically created with busy students in mind and has been developed with the aid of input from college students, reflecting on their needs for notetaking. Notetalker can provide a simple, but versatile notetaking tool to help students get the best from their studies.

How Notetalker helps

  • Training Sessions

    Capture audio, images and bookmarks from lectures, tutorials and seminars.

  • Written Notes

    Reduce the pressure of writing notes by hand

  • Mind Map

    Use Notetalker files to formulate essay plans and future work.

  • Maths Keyboard

    Capture mathematical equations with Notetalker math keyboard.

  • Bookmarks

    Use bookmarking to focus on just the key parts of a class.

College Students Checklist

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