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Notetalker App for Professionals

Meetings, training session and white boarding sessions are all part of the daily workplace schedule. Being able to capture this information and use it effectively can be challenging. Notetalker provides a productivity tool that can aid these tasks.


Notetalker for Professionals -

Being able to stay on top of work tasks is a key feature of daily life. In an environment where key information is passed through discussion and presentations, this provides a rich source of information from the spoke word, slides and diagrams. Being able to capture all of this simply is not always an easy and effective exercise.

Notetalker Pro allows colleagues to capture this information by combining Notetalker app, Notetalker Edit software and accessories kit. Notetalker app initially enables colleagues to capture audio, images and bookmarks on their Smartphone or tablet, meaning that meetings and training sessions can be captured with the key information noted with a bookmark. By transferring recordings to Notetalker Edit software, greater detail can be added to create an accountable and structured evidence of work.

Notetalker Edit can also be utilised by those who provide training in a workplace environment, by capturing a training session using Notetalker app. By adding PowerPoint slides in Notetalker Edit software, resources for colleagues that could not attend can be easily generated and disseminated.

Notetalker provides a simple, yet versatile suite of resources that can support the improvement of productivity in the workplace. By offering a discrete solution using everyday devices, co-workers can be much better supported achieving their daily goals.

How Notetalker helps

  • Devices

    Use standard devices to capture with ease

  • Discussion

    Capture discussions and key points to never miss a moment

  • Training Sessions

    Gain a new level of detail whilst attending or delivering training

  • Meetings

    Use in meetings and appraisals to obtain an accountable record of actions.

  • Text search

    Quickly find key information in large files with text search

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