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Notetalker Pro Wireless is the ultimate recording and note-taking solution for lectures, meetings, conferences and classes. It includes the Notetalker app for your smartphone or tablet, Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac PCs and a wireless microphone, receiver and cable kit which enables you to connect to any smartphone or tablet.
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Notetalker wireless microphone/ transmitter
Portable charger battery power bank 2500mAh
Mic & headset iOS device adapter for battery powered mics

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  • Notetalker recording app for Apple iOS or Android devices
  • Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac PCs
  • Notetalker Wireless microphone
  • Conversor microphone headset adaptor cable for powered microphones with a 4-pin plug for connection to an external microphone and listening to playback of your recording using
    headphones or earbuds
  • Conversor AHJ to OMTP connector which enables you to connect to some older Android smartphones using the Conversor microphone headset adaptor cable
  • Notetalker Power Card for recharging a smartphone or iPhone on the go
Notetalker and
Notetalker Edit

Notetalker is an intuitive app for voice recording on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Voice recording has never been so easy with a smart user interface, unlimited free audio tagging and a photo-taking feature which helps you record both the audio and the visual memories of the lecture, discussion, meeting or other event.

It also means you only need to remember to take your smartphone or tablet with you which you were going to do anyway. No need for the digital voice recorder - another piece of kit to clutter up the briefcase or handbag.

Notetalker lets the smartphone do the work while you listen to the speaker or the discussion, and concentrate on understanding what is being said, participating in the event and making a more informed contribution. Your detailed note-taking can be done later. Tag where you feel you need to refer to later with your detailed notes. You can let the app number your bookmarks or if you have time, insert your own free text as a better tag to go back to. Take photographs when there is something on a whiteboard which is important to remember. Make memory joggers in your recording so that when you playback later you can make a better job of writing up your notes. Impress your boss or your peer group with those accurate and incisive notes.

Once you have recorded the event you can then playback, add more photo images from your device, and add or delete bookmarks from the recording. When you are ready, just connect your smartphone to your PC in your study or back at the office and upload the content of the recording to Notetalker Edit, a program for Mac and Windows PCs which helps you write your notes. Your audio recording, the tags and all the images you took earlier will be loaded into an edit screen for you to write your notes. Playback your recording, skip between tags, add another if you need it, and then add as much text as you want. Add more photo images from your PC, rotate, enlarge and look at the finer details to help you write even better notes.

Take the hassle out of note-taking and use Notetalker Edit.

Notetalker Pro comes complete with a Notetalker Wireless microphone and universal cable connection kit for any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. This is ideal for when you are in lecture halls, classrooms or conferences and you want to focus on the voice of one speaker at the front of the room. The wireless microphone can be worn by, or placed next to, the speaker and will help to focus on the speaker’s voice and improve the quality of your recording.

microphonesWireless microphone
Notetalker wireless microphone at a glance
  • Transmitter/microphone can be up to 15 metres from receiver
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Up to 6 hours battery life-can be recharged using Notetalker Power Card
  • Reduces effect of room acoustics and noise between speaker and recording device

Notetalker wireless microphone is a powerful, lightweight microphone that can be used with smartphones, tablets, voice recorders and lap-top computers for recording lectures or group discussions.

Conversor microphone headset adaptor and connector plug. Notetalker Power Card.Microphone adaptor & Powercard

Conversor microphone headset adaptor cable for powered microphones can be used on its own with Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch and certain Android smartphones including Samsung S4 and later, recent HTC, Sony Experia and Nokia smartphones and tablets. For other Android devices and earlier models, use the AHJ to OMTP connector plug supplied (4-pin 3.5mm plug to twin stereo 3.5mm socket with 3.5mm 4-pin to 4-pin AHJ to OMTP connector). This enables you to connect a microphone and headphones to your smartphone or tablet through the single 3.5mm audio socket on the device.

Some of the newer smartphone devices, laptops and iOS devices from Apple® and Dell® feature only a single (4-pin) 3.5mm audio socket to support both audio input and output. The Conversor adaptor splits the audio input and output into two - one that can be used for a microphone connection, and the other for connecting external headphones, earphones or speakers.

The AHJ to OMTP connector can also be used on its own to connect Apple headsets to Android smartphones and vice versa. Note: you cannot use the earphones supplied with the smartphone device with the Conversor adapter cable, as these headphones already have a 4-pin plug. Stereo headphones or earphones can be used instead.

Notetalker Power Card is a slimline power bank which provides up to 6 hours of additional phone charge for your smartphone or iPhone whilst on the go.

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