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Microphone & headset adapter cable for Android

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Adapter plug and AHJ to OMTP connector for earlier Android tablet and smartphone devices.


Have you recently purchased an Android smartphone or tablet and now you can’t figure out where to plug in your favourite external microphone? Connect any external microphone to your Android smartphone or tablet for recording your voice or a conversation, meeting or lecture using this cable and connector kit. The cable will work on its own with many newer Android smartphones and tablets, like the Samsung S4 and later phones, Sony Experia and most HTC models. Earlier models and other makes of smartphone and tablet have a different pin-out connection which will require you to use the 4-pin to 4-pin connector supplied with this kit. Most new phones come equipped with a single 3.5mm 4-position (4pin) audio port that supports both audio input and output. A great number of headsets on the market come equipped with two separate headphone and microphone connectors that are not compatible with this new configuration.

The Conversor microphone headset adapter cable features two 3.5mm 3-position ports that provide a separate headphone and microphone connection that can be connected to the single audio port on your laptop or smartphone. Alternatively, you can also connect a separate microphone and powered speakers if you prefer to use Skype or chat online without using a headset. High quality Conversor adapter plug for iOS, tablet and smartphone devices (4-pin 3.5mm plug to twin stereo 3.5mm socket) enables you to connect an external microphone and headphones to your Android smartphone or tablet through the single 3.5mm audio socket on the device.Some of the newer laptops and from Apple® and Dell® feature only a single (4-pin) 3.5mm audio socket to support both audio input and output.

The Conversor adapter splits the audio input and output into two - one that can be used for a microphone connection, and the other for connecting external headphones, earphones or speakers. Note you cannot use the earphones supplied with the device with the adapter plug as these headphones already have a 4-pin plug. Stereo headphones or earphones can be used instead.Compact and easy to use.If you have a microphone with a mono plug you will need to use a mono socket to stereo plug adapter to connect to this adapter cable.Use in conjunction with Notetalker App and a Conversor directional microphone for recording lectures, meetings and group discussions. The ideal note-taking accompaniment.

Types of microphones that will work with this cable: •Dynamic microphones • Battery Powered Video/Condenser microphones• Battery Powered Lavaliere Microphones eg AudioTechnica ATR3550• Wireless Microphone systems•ECM microphones (without batteries) eg Conversor MM1•Lavaliere microphones (without batteries)•PC microphones (without Batteries)•Headset Microphones.

Please note:This adapter is not a headphone splitter/Y-cable. It cannot be used to split the audio output to two separate sets of headphones or speakers.Some laptops and mobile devices will not work with all external microphones. This is typically caused by an impedance mismatch between the microphone and the device. This is due to hardware incompatibility and is not a limitation of the Conversor adapter.


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