NT Academy: Success with Study Skills 2 year subscription

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NT Academy: Success with Study Skills (£20 discount for students in receipt of Notetalker Pro). 

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NT Academy: Success with Study Skills is an e-Learning course to help you to improve your note writing and study skills. This course will guide you through different approaches to note making, enabling you to create your own note taking strategy, based on your preferences and strengths. The first section of this course will help you use Notetalker to create effective notes. The rest of the units introduce listening and note writing strategies as well as learning styles. 


Introduction to NT Academy

1 Using Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit, desktop software, as a study support tool

2 Using the Cornell and mind maps technique in Notetalker

3 Barriers to listening; listening for information and instructions; and, top tips when listening

4 Learning styles: types of learner and other learning styles

5 Preparing for lectures - before, during and after; and, tips to help you concentrate

6 Flow-based and mind mapping techniques

7 Using audio recordings

8 Cornell technique explained

9 Chart technique explained

10 Strategies to use for writing on handouts

11 Creating outline notes and student case study

12 Summarising your notes explained

13 Reviewing and recalling information using index cards


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