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Notetalker - Note Taking App

Notetalker is a simple and intuitive voice-recording app for easier note-taking. Let the
app record the meeting, class, lecture, or conference so you can spend the time
participating, rather than writing notes. Once downloaded, our quick guide pop-ups
help you navigate around the app.


Make unlimited audio bookmarks

Just had a lightbulb moment while they were speaking? Bookmark the instant it occurred in the audio, so you can replay and reflect on it later. Add or delete your bookmarks at any time. Notetalker lets you make unlimited bookmarks for free, so you can highlight all the key points.

phone 1
phone 1

Photograph while recording

Need a visual to help process the information? Take a picture straight away without pressing pause or stopping the recording. Attach the image at a relevant point in the audio so you can remember the reference. Never again miss a visual presentation or forget a whiteboard diagram.


Organise your notes

Create files instantly and have your own system, all without the mess of loose paper and labels. Notetalker lets you categorise your notes easily so you can sort interviews from business pitches and lectures from seminars. Review your notes easily and stay on track with the information.

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phone 1

Now edit and illustrate them – with Notetalker Edit

Edit your audio notes however you want them. Download our Notetalker Edit program for Windows or Mac along with your app and you can replay your notes, add your own comments, share notes, edit pictures or even attach a PowerPoint file to illustrate key points.

With Notetalker, you’ve got it all sorted. Don’t let note-taking distract you from being in the moment.

More features


Everything on your
smartphone & tablet

No need to take another recording device to your lecture, interview or business meeting.



Avoid distracting others during slide shows or in darker lecture halls. Choose a black or a white screen background whilst recording.



Noisy environment? Adjust the sound on playback using the graphic equaliser and always catch those key points.


and record

If using headphones, you can listen and record at the same time. Never miss a counterpoint or explanation.


4 x audio

Four different audio settings available, from Low to CD quality recording. Both MP4 and WAV formats are supported.