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Notetalker app

Notetalker records audio, tags key moments and saves images,
providing more time to focus on the talk being spoken. 


Make unlimited bookmarks

Bookmark key moments the instant it happens to revisit for further study. Add or delete bookmarks at any time.

phone 1
phone 1

Capture images

Need a visual to help process the information? Take a picture straight away without pausing the recording and attach the image at a relevant point in the audio. Great for capturing important visual references!


Organise notes

Create a filing system instantly and categorise notes to stay on top of work.

phone 1
phone 1

Personalise them with Notetalker Edit

Create tailored notes using Notetalker Edit for Windows or Mac.

Replay, annotate, insert images including PowerPoint slides and photos, and add video content.

Highlight and colour code text, to create mind maps and export to Word.

Access dictionaries and social learning platforms to enhance and strengthen studies.

More features


Record on a tablet
or smartphone

Record directly into a phone or tablet and avoid carrying around seperate recording equipment.



Choose a black or white screen to keep recording discreet in low light level environments.  



Noisy environment? Adjust the graphic equaliser to improve playback sound and always catch those key points.


and record

Use headphones at the same time as recording to hear every word.


audio settings

Choose from Low through to CD quality recording. MP4 and WAV formats are supported.

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