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Notetalker Edit – Note Taking Software

Take your notes further and stay ahead of the game. Notetalker Edit for Mac and Windows
is an easy and effective editing suite for use with your Notetalker app. Simply upload any
voice recordings, images and bookmarks you’ve made in the app to Notetalker Edit. Then
use the extended facilities to add depth and illustration to your notes.


Add your own comments

You’ve got your meeting, lecture or interview clearly recorded in your notes via your Notetalker app or digital voice recorder. Now add your own comments and detailed text onto bookmarks in the notes. Add new bookmarks where you want and delete any you no longer need.

phone 1
phone 1

Colour-code and illustrate

You can also colour-code your bookmarks for easy display and retrieval.Click on a bookmark, change its name, add a different background colour to the note or change text font and size.


Navigate between bookmarks

Need to change a bookmark? Navigate between each bookmark easily to edit or delete them or to move any images. Hover the cursor over your audio bar and click on the bookmark you want to edit. Then you can start playback and fast-forward to the next one.

phone 1
phone 1

Edit pictures and add more

Need to adjust a picture attached to the note? Just double click on the image to examine it in detail. The image editor allows you to enlarge the image box and also rotate landscape photos, as you need. Freely move your images, add new ones or delete them, as you like.

More features


Add PowerPoint text

Make notes professional by attaching a PowerPoint presentation. Simply take a screen shot or export and save your slides as images and then upload them.


Print Notes

Make a hard copy with your comments attached to share with others or for further study, using your own office or home printer.


Share them

Want to put your notes in Dropbox, a shared network folder, or onto an FTP server? With Edit you can export your notes anytime.