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Notetalker Edit

Personalise notes using Notetalker Edit for Mac and Windows. 
Upload voice recordings, images and bookmarks made in Notetalker app.
Use Notetalker Edit features to increase productivity and create tailored notes
that can reviewed and updated at any time.


Insert annotations 

Add detailed notes against each bookmark to explain key points.
Add new bookmarks and delete any that aren't needed.

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Customise bookmarks

Colour code bookmarks for easy display and retrieval.
Click on a bookmark, change its name or update font and size.


Easy navigation

Need to change a bookmark? Move around bookmarks easily to edit or delete them.
Hover the cursor over the audio bar and click on the bookmark to update it.
Start playback and fast-forward or rewind bookmarks .

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Edit images

Double click on the image to examine it in detail. Image editor can enlarge the image and rotate pictures.
Freely move images, insert new ones or delete them.


Make a mind map

Use the colour of a bookmark or a keyword to create your own customised mind map.

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More features


Facility to bookmark video content

Produce mind maps, such as MindView, and export to Word to support essay planning.


Compatibility with mindmaps

Add video content, bookmark and playback video.  Then make your notes.


Functionality to curate relevant online content

Access relevant online content to help research and further study.