Notetalker App

Q. How do I install the app on my device?

A. Go to Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Amazon App Store to download the app. Alternatively, you can sign up to recieve a free trial from our site. if you have purchased the app from our distributor or it has been provided to you as part of your DSA funding, then you will be sent an email with a redemption / pin code which will need to be entered into the device when you first install app.

Q. How do I know what all the buttons do?

A. When you first use the app there will be an explanation of what each button does as you start to use the app. Most of the buttons follow the standard recording conventions of a voice recorder and will be familiar to you.

Q. How many bookmark tags can I make in a single recording?

A. The number is unlimited.

Q. Do I have to name each bookmark I make?

A. No, the app automatically assigns a numerical sequence to the bookmark from bookmark_1 upwards. If you wish to enter your own text just press backspace to delete bookmark_1 and enter your own text, then save.

Q. Can I rename an audio file or folder?

A. Yes you can re-name your audio file before recording or after recording, move it from one folder to another, create a new folder and rename any folder. The folders and files can be renamed, moved and stored just as you do on your PC.

Q. How many hours recording can I get on the smartphone or tablet?

A. It depends on how much other data you have on your device and the quality of the sound recording you use and the file format. Most new smartphones have memories of 64Gb to 128Gb so there is plenty of room for your apps, operating software and photographs. Typically WAV files are ten times bigger than MP4 formatted files. So a typical user can expect up to 100 hours of MP4 usage available, and 40-60 hours of WAV file storage in 10Gb of memory storage. It is important to clear down unwanted recordings as soon as you have uploaded them to your PC for subsequent editing and storage.

Q. Can I record using the smartphone or tablet’s own microphone?

A. Yes you can but remember the on-board microphone is an omni-directional microphone which picks up sound from all around the device. This is fine for small discussion groups or meetings but not so good in a lecture hall or conference room where you need a directional microphone to pick up the speaker’s voice.

Q. Can I use a wireless microphone with the smartphone or tablet?

A. Yes you can use a Conversor Pro wireless microphone and receiver to transmit the sound of the speaker from the front of a room to where the device is located. Contact us for more information info@notetalker.com or visit our online shop to buy accessories.

Q. Can I email my audio files?

A. Audio files are quite large and most email systems will not allow you to send emails with attachments larger than a certain size. It is only practical to email very short audio clips. All other files we recommend sending via a cloud sharing service such as Dropbox

Q. Where can I find a user guide or tutorial for using my app?

A. There is a user guide included in the information section in the app. Notetalker video guides are also available.

Q. Can I play my audio files on Windows Media Player or other program?

A. Yes you can, but you will not be able to see the photos you have taken or the bookmarks you have made on this program. You will need to upload the recording to Notetalker Edit in order to synchronise these files with your audio recording.

Q. How do I upload my audio recording, bookmarks and photos to Notetalker Edit?

A. For Android devices export the audio file and associated images and bookmarks from the playback screen on the app using Dropbox or Google Drive, and for iOS devices use Dropbox or iCloud.

Q. How much do updates cost?

A. Currently all updates are free.

Q. What if my battery is running low?

A. You can buy a portable battery charger to charge your device while you are out and about. Visit our online shop.

Notetalker Edit

Q. Can I buy Notetaker app and Notetalker Edit at the same time?

A. Yes you can purchase Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit program - look for our Notetalker solo package on our online shop.

Q. Can I buy the accessory cables and microphones at the same time as purchasing Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit?

A. Yes you can purchase all of this in our Notetalker Pro bundle, which includes the Notetalker app, Notetalker Edit, a directional microphone and cable.

Q. Do I need a different version of Notetalker Edit depending on whether I have a Windows PC or a Mac PC?

A. Yes, when you purchase Notetalker Edit you will need to specify whether you require the software for a Windows PC or a Mac PC.

Q. How do I install Notetalker Edit on my PC?

A. Either download a free trial version, purchase direclty from our online shop or from one of our approved distributer list, found at the foot of our parent companys website, Conversor. A redemption / pin code will be sent via email which you enter in the registration box when you open the program. Enter the code and click on the register button.

Q. If I do not have Java on my PC will I be able to use Notetalker Edit?

A. Java can be downloaded for free from the internet. Instructions will be provided when you install Notetalker Edit if Java is not detected on your PC. Do not use Chrome or Edge to download Java as Chrome does not support Java Plug-ins. For Windows 10 devices please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to download Java

Q. Where can I find a user guide or tutorial for using Notetalker Edit?

A. There are on-screen tooltips which guide you through each button and operation on Notetalker Edit. Notetalker video guide are also available.

Q. I cannot find my file which I uploaded to Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive - what do I do?

A. You need to install Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive on your PC as Notetalker Edit needs to access the Notetalker folders and files on your PC. To install Dropbox type Dropbox into your browser and then click on Install. It will download to your PC and you will then be able to see your files from Notetalker Edit. Files uploaded to iCloud from iOS devices are uploaded as zip files and for the Mac PC these will be saved in Library/Mobile Applications and for Windows PC these will be saved in your iCloud folder. On the Mac PC as soon as you have opened this zip file using Notetalker Edit a new folder will be set up in the home directory for easy access.

Q. Can I upload recording files to my PC using a USB cable?

A. Yes you can upload files to your Windows PC using s USB cable. if you have a Mac you will need to use a a downloadable software program called iMazing. Watch our video tutorial to see how to do it.

Q. What are tooltips on Notetalker Edit?

A. As soon as you hover the cursor over an icon or control button it will show you what function that button performs. When you hover over an image, a bookmark area or a bookmark flag on the audio bar, the tooltip will tell you how to do certain things. For example, how to enlarge a photograph or image; how to change the background colour of a bookmark area; which bookmark a bookmark flag relates to; and, how to get to the text area of that bookmark.

Q. If I haven’t added any bookmarks or images to my audio recording can I do this in Notetalker Edit?

A. Yes. If you have been concentrating on the speaker and not wanted to divert your attention to making bookmarks, then it is very easy to playback in Notetalker Edit and make as many bookmarks as you need so that you can then go back to them when adding text notes. You can also add images from your PC or device and upload to the bookmark image area.

Q. Can I move the bookmark to a different point in the recording?

A. Yes you can click and drag the bookmark  on the audio sound navigation bar and drop anywhere  in the recording. If you have added text and images in the bookmark under your audio navigation bar these will automatically sync and reorder.

Q. Can I add my PowerPoint slides to Notetalker Edit?

A. Click on the PowerPoint icon in the image editor control panel and select the slide presentation you want to open. The slides are then uploaded to the bookmark image area in sequence. If there are more images than bookmark areas, a new bookmark area will be created to store these images. You can then move the slides or create new bookmarks to place these images. Make sure your file is ".pptx" format as Notetalker Edit does not import old ".ppt" format files. You can save the .ppt files as .pptx in Powerpoint. Sometimes Powerpoint files are formatted with a requirement to access the internet and do not have images properly embedded in the file. If your document does not import properly then save it as a PDF file before importing into Notetalker Edit. Alternatively save your file as JPEG slides from within PowerPoint and it will save each slide as a separate image. You can then import them one by one into the bookmark area you require.

Q. Can I copy text from a Word, website or PowerPoint presentation?

A. Yes you can use the copy and paste function of the text editor to copy the text to the text area of the bookmark. The formatting and bullet points will not stay with the text so you will need to organise the text layout to suit your notes.

Q. Can I print out my notes?

A. Yes. There is a print function on the Notetalker Edit screen.

Q. How do I update to a new version and how much are much are updates?

A. Currently all updates are free. There is an auto-update feature on Notetalker Edit next to the information button which will have two red arrows when there is an update available. This will be replaced by two green arrows when the program is up to date.

Notetalker accessories

Q. What accessories are available?

A. The standard accessories are a directional microphone to improve recording quality by reducing background noise and a portable charger for your phone or tablet. All accessories can be found on the online shop .