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Record, Review and Revise

Notetalker App and Edit is a complete note-taking suite for the busy student or executive who wants to listen to the speaker, teacher or lecturer without the distraction of scribbling down unreadable notes.

Record - Use the App to record the speaker’s voice, make unlimited bookmarks and add photos to remind you of key points.

Review – Playback your recording, skip between bookmarks and view images. Add more bookmarks at appropriate points in the recording.

Revise – Then upload your recording to a Windows or Mac PC and use Notetalker Edit to make your notes. Notetalker Edit is a powerful note-making tool which enables you to make comprehensive notes, add Powerpoint slides, write complex formulae into your notes, add or delete images, search the text and many more features. Once you have written your notes you can then recap and revise or use the material for an upcoming presentation. You can even use your PC to record additional notes.

Download Free Trial for Notetalker App and Edit

Notetalker Edit and the Android App are free for 30 days. The iOS App is free with 5 minutes of recording time per track. If you like it purchase Notetalker Edit for $105.43 and Notetalker App for $7.89.

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