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Once you’re set up you can start getting creative with your notes by adding images, videos and coloured keys.

5 practical reasons why Notetalker is so useful:

  • Simple, intuitive and creative - saves time for you to be more productive
  • Linear navigation - reinforces audio visual connections between your notes and the recording
  • Bookmarks - create clear titles that make sense to you 
  • Video - add video clips to help solidify your learning
  • Mind maps – organise your notes and export to leading mind mapping software for easy essay planning

* Notetalker app is available for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android). Notetalker Edit is available for your PC (Windows and Mac).

We recommend that students seek training on how to use Notetalker. Students in receipt of Notetalker through DSA are entitled to free training. To find a list of local assistive technology trainers, visit the DSA Quality Assurance Group. Use our video resources to install Notetalker, learn the basics and get practical tips on how to use Notetalker.

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