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No more scribbling notes on sheets of paper. Or missing out on a key point. Or having someone talking over the top of your head. Notetalker’s got it all down, so you can relax.

Notetalker provides a suite of resources to enable you to capture audio, bookmarks and images during lectures, tutorials, field trips and interviews using Notetalker app.

Notetalker app provides an easy way to stay focused in a lecture, whilst being able to capture detailed information in a simple and intuitive way.

Notetalker app for iOS and Android also enables full playback of your recordings, meaning that once a class is finished, you can play back your audio, and review your bookmarks and images.

By doing so, you can be confident that you have captured all of the information you need to start preparing for revision, essays and assignments.

Now upload your recording and then start to make better notes with Notetalker Edit software for Windows and Mac PCs

Remember those key points:

  • Play back recordings, as
    many times as you need
  • Edit or move your
    bookmarks and create files
  • Return to a key
    point you’ve bookmarked
  • Attach images to your
    notes to jog your memory
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Make your notes, Revise with Notetalker Edit.

Download Notetalker Edit and take your notes even further. Notetalker Edit is a powerful note-making software program for Windows and Mac PCs.

When it’s time to study, recordings from Notetalker app can be easily transferred from your smartphone or tablet via Dropbox, Googledrive and iCloud.

This means you can store all of your course notes, along with other course materials such as essay and course guides in one place, allowing you to be organised and ready to study.

Playback your recording and navigate to those important points you tagged on your smartphone or tablet. Then make comprehensive notes for future reference.

Notetalker Edit software for Windows and Mac enables you to transform your recordings into a rich file of information by adding text based notes, PowerPoint slides, further bookmarks and images.

By doing so, you will be able to create revision notes, essays and evidence practical work such as science practical’s using Notetalker app and Edit.

Notetalker enables you merge recordings of two lectures to create a file to evaluate all of your information, add your own voice notes when you have an idea you need to capture, filter bookmarks to see just the information that is important for an essay or tutorial, and transcribe equations using the Maths keyboard.

Save all your files safely and print them out for future reference.

Improve audio quality with our Notetalker accessories

To get the best from the Notetalker suite use Notetalker Pro or Notetalker Pro Wireless. Notetalker Pro includes Notetalker app, Notetalker Edit and MM1 directional microphone and Power Bank.

Conversor MM1 directional microphone helps you to improve the recording quality on your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to make the most of your audio.

Notetalker Power Bank is a credit card-sized device, that when charged via USB, can provide you with up to 6 hours of extra battery life for your smartphone.

Notetalker Pro Wireless uses a wireless microphone instead of a directional microphone. Place the microphone next to the speaker and reduce the effect of all that background noise and poor room acoustics.

Notetalker provides a versatile and focused suite of resources that enables you to get the best from your notes and achieve your study goals.

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" Notetalker awarded 5 star review by the Educational App Store
Notetalker is an excellent addition to the toolbox of any student wishing to get the most out of a teacher lecture, providing you with an audio record of the talk, that can highlight the main points through bookmarks and store pictures of the presenters slides to reinforce or clarify understanding. "
Educational App Store
" Notetalker boosts my confidence in class
Using a notetaking app and PC software has definitely made me feel more confident about my approach to notetaking, I can still makes notes but it is very reassuring to know that Notetalker is recording when I get confused.I would definitely recommend that other students with similar study challenges consider this solution. It has made things much easier for me in class!"
Ashley Beaty, college student.
" The Codpast reviews Notetalker
Notetalker app turns your mobile device into a powerful recording and audio note-taking companion. "
Sean Douglas